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Membership Pricing

***Sales Tax Included in Pricing! The Price You See Is What You Pay!***


  • $65/Month - EFT / Auto Draft Membership (IN-STORE PURCHASE ONLY)
  • $75/Month - Pre-Paid Month Membership, No EFT Membership
Initiation Fee:
  • NO Initiation Fee (We believe in no hidden fees. 100% Transparency. The price you see is what you pay, even on retail items!)

Day Passes (Not Physical Items) + Rental Shoes / Chalk Bags:

  • $16 - 1 Day Pass (without rental shoes)
  • $20 - 1 Day Pass (with rental shoes)
  • $45 - 3 Punch Pass (rental shoes sold separately)
  • $4 - Rental Shoes
  • $2.50 - Rental Chalk Bag

Discounts (Do NOT Stack):

  • Auto-Draft / ETF Membership ONLY
    • Student Discount Membership (Must Show Valid School ID) - $55/month
    • Family Household Membership. No Age Restriction.
        • $65 - Primary Person
        • $50 - 1st Person
        • $35 - 2nd person
        • $20 - Any Additional Person Afterwards
    • 10% OFF Membership (Must show paystub or ID)
        • Corporate / Organization Discount (contact us if you’re interested in getting your company/org on our list!)
          • Fayetteville Disc Association
        • Hero Discount (Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Military)
        • Pharmacy (Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians)
  • Day Pass
    • Day Pass Discount Nights 50% OFF After 5PM:
      • Ladies Night - Tuesdays
      • Student and Teacher - Wednesdays
      • Healthcare Professionals - Thursdays
      • Buddy Night (2 for $30 - Rental Shoes Included) - Fridays
    • Climbing Industry 50% OFF Discount (Must Show Paystub)

Group Events (Do NOT assume filling out this form means your event is booked! You will receive a separate email to discuss details!):

 Age Restrictions:
  • 16 (+) y/o - May climb & use The Basement (Weight Room) unsupervised; ***Waivers must be filled out by an adult beforehand***
  • ≤15 - NOT allowed at Basement (Weight Room)
  • 5-12 y/o - Must Pass Bouldering Safety Test & Supervised by Adult (18+ with Valid Driver’s Licenses) At ALL times
    • Bouldering Safety Test (30 seconds) - Demonstrating how to properly fall from top while supervised by staff. At B&B Crew's discretion, if child can not successfully demonstrate how to fall safely, child's day pass will be refunded and may revisit Boulder Safety Test at next visit. 
    • If interested in learning how to fall properly and want to take a paid safety session, email
  • < 5 y/o - May Enter Gym But NOT Allowed To Boulder. Must Be Supervised By Adult (18+ with Valid Driver’s Licenses) At ALL times. 
 Membership Perks:
  • Unlimited Access to Bouldering Gym
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Fitness Classes
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Yoga Classes
  • 2 FREE Guest Passes / Month (Rental Shoes NOT Included)
  • 10% OFF Any B&B Coffee Drink (Does NOT Stack with B&B Mug 15% Discount)
  • 10% OFF Any In-Store Retail & Merch
  • Shop Local Discount
    • MooseJaw - 15% OFF In-Store (Must prove membership; excludes bikes)
Fine Print: 
  • May Freeze Membership (Up to 3 Months At A Time, Twice A Year Non-Consecutively With At Least One Month In Between). Freeze Dues are $10/month. 
  • Student Members May Freeze During Summer Breaks between May 1st - July 31st. No Freeze Dues Applied.
  • May Cancel Membership At Any Time. For EFT, cancellation fee of $20 within 60 days of membership initiation. If membership was canceled and is reinstated, a re-initiation fee of $50 will be applied.
  • Any Pre-Opening Perks (Tiers) Is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Unused retail items may be returned within 2 weeks.