Vice City Comp

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Step 3: Fill Out A Waiver If You Haven't Been In The Gym Before

Competition Details:

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024

Theme: GTA Vice City 


  • Community Wave (11:45AM - 2:15PM)
  • USAC Collegiate Wave (2:30PM - 5:00PM)
  • Intermission/Raffle (5:00PM - 5:30PM)
  • Finale (5:45PM - 8:00PM)
  • After-Party (8:00PM - 9:00PM)


  • Men's / Women's
    • 1 Star (VB - V2)
    • 3 Stars (V3 - V5)
    • 5 Stars (V6+)
    • There will be 10 labeled problems per category.
    • When in doubt, go up a category! We're all here to have fun, and no one likes a sandbagger.
    • 5 points for Zone, 5 Points for Top, 5 Points for Flash, -0.5 Points per Failed Attempt.
    • Top 3 of Each Category Will Partake in Our IFSC-Style Finale!
    • Don't know what IFSC-Style is? Here is an example!

    What Can I Win? 

    • Sponsored Items, Best Spirit Award, and Raffle Drawings!

    Other Info:

    • After Comp Party for all attendees
    • Volunteering - Don't want to participate but want to be involved? We are looking for volunteers who want to help in exchange for day passes! Fill out here