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B&B Pricing

***Sales Tax Included in Pricing! The Price You See Is What You Pay!***

Membership ($5 Rental Shoes NOT Included):

  • $17.50 / Week - Autodraft Non-Student Weekly Membership (In-Store Purchase ONLY) [90 Day Commitment]
  • $15 / Week - Autodraft Student Weekly Membership (Valid Student ID & In-Store Purchase ONLY) [90 Day Commitment]
  • $10 / Week - Fitness Membership (Access to downstairs & classes only) [90 Day Commitment & In-Store Purchase ONLY]
  • $80 - 4 Weeks Pre-Paid Membership
  • Family Household Membership. No Age Restriction & Autodraft ONLY
    • $70 - Primary Person
    • $55 - Secondary Person
    • $40 - Tertiary Person
    • $25 - Any Afterwards

Hold & Cancellation Request Form can be found at the bottom of the page. To unfreeze your membership, please come to the front desk and let us know :)

Income-Based Membership Application is available based on financial income and can be applied here. Spots are limited. Please do NOT spam us with inquiries on the progress of your application. If chosen, you will be contacted. 

Initiation Fee:

  • NO Initiation Fee (We believe in no hidden fees. 100% Transparency. The price you see is what you pay, even on retail items!)

Day Passes (Not Physical Items) + Rental Shoes / Chalk Bags:

  • $20 - 1 Day Pass (without rental shoes)
  • $25 - 1 Day Pass (with rental shoes)
  • $50 - 3 Punch Pass (without rental shoes)
  • $160 - 10 Punch Pass (without rental shoes)
  • $5 - Rental Shoes
  • $2.50 - Rental Chalk Bag

Discounts (Do NOT Stack):

  • 10% OFF Autodraft Membership (Must show paystub or ID)
    • Corporate / Organization Discount (contact us if you’re interested in getting your company/org on our list!)
      • Fayetteville Disc Association
      • Arkansas Climbing Coalition
      • Hero Discount (Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Military)
      • Day Pass
        • Discount Nights 50% OFF After 5PM:
          • Ladies Night - Tuesdays
          • Student and Teacher - Wednesdays
          • Healthcare Professionals - Thursdays
          • Buddy Night (2 for $30 - Rental Shoes Included) - Fridays
        • Home School Kids Discount $12 before noon (Rental Shoes Included) - Fridays
        • Kids 12 & Under for $12 (rental shoes included) - Saturdays
        • Climbing Industry 50% OFF Discount (Must Show Paystub)
       Age Restrictions:
      • No age restrictions to climb!
      • 16 (+) y/o - May climb & use The Basement (Weight Room) unsupervised; ***Waivers must be filled out by an adult beforehand***
      • ≤15 - NOT allowed at Basement (Weight Room)
      • ≤ 12 y/o - Must Pass Bouldering Safety Test & Supervised by Adult (18+ with Valid Driver’s Licenses) At ALL Times. 
        • 1 Adult : 2 Children Ratio
        • Bouldering Safety Test (30 seconds) - Climbing is inherently dangerous. Demonstrating how to properly fall from top while supervised by staff is imperative. At B&B Crew's discretion, if child cannot successfully demonstrate how to fall safely, child's day pass will be refunded and may revisit Boulder Safety Test at a later time. 
        • If interested in learning how to fall properly and want to take a paid safety session, email bouldersandbrewsgym@gmail.com.
       Membership Perks:
      • Unlimited Access to Bouldering Gym (Except Fitness Membership)
      • Unlimited Access to ALL Fitness Classes
      • Unlimited Access to ALL Yoga Classes
      • 1 FREE Guest Passes / Week (Rental Shoes NOT Included)
      • 10% OFF Any B&B Coffee Drink (Does NOT Stack with B&B Mug 15% Discount)
      • 10% OFF Any In-Store Retail & Merch
      • Shop Local Discount (Must provide membership email receipt)
        • MooseJaw - 15% OFF In-Store (Excludes bikes)
        • Botanical Garden of The Ozarks - $10 OFF Annual Membership
      Fine Print: 
      • May Freeze Membership (Up to 90 Days At A Time, Twice A Year Non-Consecutively With At Least 30 Days In Between). Freeze Dues are $2.50/week. 
      • Student Members May Freeze During Summer Breaks between May 5th - Aug 4th. No Freeze Dues Applied.
      • May Cancel Membership At Any Time. For auto draft, cancellation fee of $50 within 90 days of membership initiation.
      • Any re-initiated memberships must abide by the 90 days contract.
      • Unused retail items may be returned within 2 weeks.

      Autodraft Terms & Conditions (As Of 03/12/24):

      • Autodraft payment will be charged every Saturday.
      • Cancellation: May Cancel At Any Time. For autodraft, cancellation fee of $50 within 90 days of membership initiation. I am aware there's no initiation fee at this time, even if reinitiating membership. I am aware that if I cancel my membership, it must be at least 2 weeks before the desired cancellation date and that if I were to re-initiate, I must abide by the 90 day contract again.
      • Hold: May Freeze Membership (Up to 3 Months at a time, twice a year non-consecutively with at least one month in between). Freeze dues are $2.50 / week. Student members may freeze during Summer Breaks between May 5th-Aug 4th with no freeze dues applied to students. Starting Aug 5th, the hold fee will be $2.50 per week. Membership hold requests must be longer than 4 weeks. 
      • Hold/Cancellation Requests: Requests must be at least 2 weeks before the desired cancellation or hold date to allow time to be processed. Any membership hold requests without an end date will automatically be assigned 12 weeks from the date of starting hold request. Weekly charges will resume after the 12 weeks. All membership hold and cancellation requests must be submitted via our official website. The form can be found at the bottom of the pricing tab of the website. Any such requests made verbally will not be deemed as valid requests. (As Of 09/30/23) 
      • Parking: You'll receive a parking tag upon signing a membership. The tag must be returned if a member cancels. When parked here, member must be in the facility at all times. We do NOT own the parking lot / booting company. If you walk to Dickson St regardless of whether you were in the gym - before or after being in the facility - can result in your car getting booted. Boulders and Brews is NOT liable if your car gets booted. Booting fee is $40.

        Group Events (Do NOT assume filling out this form means your event is booked! You will receive a separate email to discuss details!):

        Membership Hold/Cancellation:

        • We're sorry to see you go! Please fill out this form, and we'll email you when we've processed your membership. If you haven't heard back from us after a week, please call the gym at 479-332-5395.