Bouldering League

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(Register online only. Registration does NOT include day pass.)

League Info Highlights:
  • Bouldering League is a community event, in which you get to climb together in a team setting, while seeing each other progress each week. Collaborative, supporting, and fun! 
  • 4 climbers per team. You do not need 4 people to form a team, but if you and your friends want to be on a team together, it'll be $20 regardless of how many people are on the team. Teams with less than 4 climbers will be assigned Free Agents. Free Agents will be assigned to a team at random.
  • No substitutions are allowed. 
  • Team members can climb on any league day during the week, but we encourage teams to climb together each week.
  • $20 / Team or $5 / Free Agents.
  • Every week, new problems will have a number tagged like at our comp. New problems will not be tagged what grade it is until the week after (AKA after that league's week is over.) 
  • You must have your paper scorecard before you climb the new set each week. The first session that you climb the problems each week, you must submit your paper scores (get from front desk)! Attempts from later climbing sessions will not count!
  • The top 3 teammates' scores are recorded each week toward team points. Scoring is handled via paper score sheet. Please drop your paper score sheet at the front desk before leaving. Please be honest with your scores.
  • Winning team wins cash pot. 
League Weeks & Hours:
Climb any day during the week starting Thursday after 5p until the following Tuesday closing at 10p. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Week 1: 01/25 – 01/31
  • Week 2: 02/01 – 02/07
  • Week 3: 02/08 – 02/14
  • Week 4: 02/15 – 02/21


  • 5 Points for Top.
  • 5 Points for Flash. 
  • -1 Point per Attempt. After 5 attempts, the problem is worth 0 points.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How can I sign-up?
    • Online only.
  • How much does it cost?
    • $20 / team
    • $5 / free agent
  • How many people to a team?
    • Four. The top 3 teammates' scores are added together toward your total team score each week. The lowest teammate score won't be applicable toward team points. 
  • What if I don’t have a team?
    • You may sign up as a free agent. We will assign you a team!
  • Am I allowed to climb on the new Bouldering League problems multiple sessions before submitting my score?
    • Nope! The first session you climb on the problems, you must submit a scorecard. If you are caught submitting scores after trying the problems multiple times without a score card, your scores will not count that week.
  • Do I have to partake every week?
    • No, but you will not be able to submit once that week's league is over. 
  • Can my team have substitutes?
    • Substitution is not allowed.
  • Is Bouldering League open to everyone? 
    • Yes! Anyone can compete. If you're not a member and do not have any punch passes or day passes on your profile, you will need to purchase a day pass or use a member's guest pass as if it was a normal day.